About the Bus Associations

Bus associations are incorporated bodies whose objectives are to contribute to the sound development of regional communities by improving and enhancing bus transport services with intra‐regional and inter‐regional transport, to promote the proper management of bus operators and the sound development of the industry as a whole, and to promote public welfare.
There are many challenges that the bus industry must address in anticipation of the future state of the bus business. They include responding appropriately to changes in the environment surrounding buses, measures for maintaining local bus routes, transport safety measures, environmental measures, barrier‐free transport measures, enhancement of information provision, and improvements to the transport environment.
To achieve the future growth and development of the bus business, these associations actively engage in a number of projects with their members, through their boards of directors and committees.
Nihon Bus Association Fukushima Prefecture Bus Association
Miyagi Prefecture Bus Association Chiba Prefecture Bus Association
Tokyo Bus Association Kanagawa Prefecture Bus Association