Results of Tokyo Bus Association new member appropriateness instruction and assessment

入会申請に伴う現地調査報告書 The appropriateness project (visiting instructors, etc.) based on the Expressway and Charter Bus Safety and Reliability Recovery Plan announced in April, 2013, with the Expressway Tour Bus Liaison Council playing a central role, took place at Sakura Kotsu last year. This year, with our application for membership of the Tokyo Bus Association, we underwent an assessment of appropriateness for membership by that Association in May. We made improvements on the areas for improvement and guidance pointed out by the investigators and reported them on the same day.
As a result of this assessment, our application for membership of the Tokyo Bus Association was approved on July 29, 2014. Looking ahead, as a member of the Association, we will comply with the Road Transport Act and other relevant legislation and with the Association’s constitution, and make efforts for the development of the bus business and the bus industry.