Snow‐driving training

 Snow‐driving training Continuing on from last year, we rented out whole parking lots at ski resorts to hold snow‐driving training.
Training was held for the Tohoku district at Minowa Ski Resort in Fukushima Prefecture on January 17, and at Tanbara Ski Park in Gunma Prefecture on January 24 for the Kanto district. Buses used in actual operations were brought to these locations from the various sales offices for practical training.

Based on the contents of lectures delivered the previous day, pylons were erected for a slalom driving exercise on snow, and sharp braking from a speed of 40 km/hr, both with and without functioning ABS, was practiced. The aim of these training exercises was to give the drivers hands‐on experience of how the bus behaves and how safety features work in such situations, to enable them to drive and operate the buses appropriately and at safer speeds. Drivers also practiced attaching and removing tire chains. As well as honing their skills in the speedy attachment of chains, drivers also experienced sharp braking on an actual course with chains on their tires. This enabled them to confirm the importance of chains and their proper attachment.
In this year’s training, the slalom course had a greater degree of difficulty than last year, and drivers found it difficult to travel the course as well as they hoped. They also experienced first‐hand how the bus can slip more than they expected in road conditions that are changing by the second, as well as situations that must normally never be allowed to occur.
This allowed the drivers to realize, through actual experience, how their own sense of safety was overly optimistic and that they weren’t able to operate the bus in the way they expected. It was a time of various discoveries for our drivers.
By realizing their own skills and limitations, our drivers achieved a self‐awareness of what safe driving and reasonable driving mean to a professional driver. It is hoped that they will continue to improve their awareness and skills in their daily driving duties.
Snow‐driving training