To Be a Bus Company That Creates More Smiles

Take an expressway bus to see your friend who lives in another town. Or charter a bus and take a trip with some friends. Imagine it. Doesn’t that sound like a situation that will have you smiling? Even in this modern age, which is overflowing with so many entertainment options, most would agree that there is nothing more enjoyable or rewarding than time spent with friends. Bridging distance through travel. Travel bridges distance. We are a company that wants to put more smiles on people’s faces through bus travel. So how do we do that? This is a question that Sakura Kotsu is constantly asking itself as it continues to work hard toward that goal.

Compare the peace of mind.

When using bus services, one thing we would like you to compare is the optional insurance to cover all eventualities. As a bus operator, our prime fundamental is to manage our business so that there are no accidents. However, what are the details of coverage in the event of an accident? This should be an important factor when choosing a bus, particularly when booking a charter bus, although not many people seem to take it into consideration.

Here at Sakura Kotsu, we have taken out unlimited personal and property damage liability insurance for all of the vehicles that we operate. We offer extensive coverage for our customers, including personal and property damage liability insurance to cover injuries and property damage in the event of a vehicle accident, and personal injury insurance (up to ¥200 million per person) for accidents inside the bus, such as a passenger falling over and getting injured in the bus cabin.
We also have organizational and communication frameworks in place for emergencies, allowing us to assist customers in the event of an emergency. We will also work with our insurer (Tokio Marine Nichido Insurance) to deal with subsequent compensation matters.
When choosing an expressway bus or charter bus, we recommend that you consider not only how low the bus fares and prices are, but also the safety management systems, insurance coverage, and other aspects that the bus operator offers, and choose the bus company that you can board with peace of mind.