Roll call
点呼 Roll call: Before commencing driving duties, the drivers are checked in person for intoxication, illness, fatigue, etc., the state of implementation of daily inspections is checked, and necessary directions for ensuring operational safety on that day are given. Similarly, after getting on the bus, the state of operations, road conditions, and whether or not there were any accidents are confirmed, and efforts are made to achieve safe operations. Interim roll calls are also conducted at service areas and parking areas, at which drivers are checked for illness and fatigue, etc., and current road conditions, etc. are checked.
Alcohol check
Alcohol check Alcohol check: Alcohol checks are conducted without fail prior to commencement and after conclusion of driving duties. Drivers are also managed by smartphone while they are out on their driving duties. In addition to breathalyzer results, their facial color and other factors are also checked. This kind of management of physical condition is part of our thorough management of safe operations.
Pre‐service vehicle inspections
運行前点検 Pre‐service vehicle inspections: To maintain vehicles in service to ensure they comply with safety standards, the buses are checked against a checklist of more than 30 items, including brakes, tires, and fan belt. Several times a week, these pre‐operation inspections are witnessed by a mechanic.
Digital Tachograph
Digital Tachograph Sakura Kotsu has its own company rules of maintaining speeds of no more than 90 km/hr on expressways and no more than 60 km/hr on general roads. Speeds are thoroughly managed using digital tachographs. Excessive speeds, sudden braking and advancing are also checked. These are converted into numbers and graphs which are used to promote safe driving through the promotion of eco‐friendly driving by our drivers.
Dashboard Cameras
Dashboard Cameras The installation of dashboard cameras serves to increase safety awareness among crew. They are also used as visual records in the event of accidents and in safe driving instruction (hazard prediction training) and for other purposes, with the objective of reducing social detriment by reducing the number of traffic accidents.
Safety Technology (Vehicle Distance Warning System)
Safety Technology (Vehicle Distance Warning System) At Sakura Kotsu, devices for alerting the driver if the bus draws too close to the vehicle ahead, have been installed. These devices display a warning on the driver’s display panel and sound an audible alarm.
Driver Monitoring
Driver Monitoring The direction the driver is facing and how often he or she blinks are constantly monitored with a camera, and if insufficient attention to the front is detected, an alarm will sound and a warning will be displayed to alert the driver. The driver’s condition can still be detected even in strong sunlight and when wearing sunglasses.
Lane Deviation Warning
Lane Deviation Warning An image sensor fitted inside the cabin can detect the vehicle’s position against the lane markers, and if the bus starts to deviate from its lane, an alarm will sound and a warning will display.