Victim Support Program

1 はじめに
The following Victim Support Program has been established for the rescue of passengers in the event of a major accident or disaster (“incident”) causing death or serious injury to passengers, response at the scene of the accident, ongoing responses to victims, etc., and basic systems for implementing these actions.
This Program has been established in line with the Guidelines for the Establishment of Victim Support Programs by Public Transport Operators (Ministry of National Land and Transport, March 29, 2013).
2. Basic Policy for Support of Victims, etc.
Sakura Kotsu positions “Safety Above All Else” at the heart of its business, and everyone, from top management down to general employees, is united in the development of safety management systems.
We also conduct ongoing initiatives required to prevent accidents from occurring, and all of our employees act with a high degree of safety awareness. In doing so, we strive to improve safety so our customers can use our services in safety and with peace of mind.
However, in the unlikely event of serious, potentially fatal accidents, we act with the prime objective of preventing further escalation of the damage and the rescue of human life.
Further, in addition to immediately setting up a response headquarters, with top management playing a central role, we respond in good faith to the requests of accident victims and their families and provide them with support as quickly as possible.
3. Basic Contents of Support of Victims, etc.
(1) Provision of information
[1] Conveying information about the accident to families
We obtain information about passengers who are victims of the accident at the scene from the police, fire department, hospital, and other channel, and strive to provide their families with as much information as possible. Even if the names of the victims and other details have already been made public in the media, etc., we will strive to contact the families ourselves as well.
We will also make every effort possible to provide information in response to inquiries from families.
[2] Handling of passenger information and information about their safety
Information about accident victims will be handled appropriately, taking their privacy into consideration.
If we have been able to contact their families and a family has requested that a victim’s information not been made public, we will respond in line with that request in principle.
[3] Ongoing provision of information to victims, etc.
For families who are unable to travel to the location of the accident, we will strive to provide them with information on an ongoing basis.
We will also provide accident victims and their families with information about the accident and measures to prevent a similar accident from happening again.
(2) Response at the scene of the accident
[1] Taking family members to the location of the accident
If families of accident victims wish to travel to the location where the accident occurred, etc., we will provide assistance where necessary with transport and accommodation, etc.
[2] Support during stay
If the families wish to gather information at the accident location immediately after the accident, on the premise of responding to the families’ requests in good faith, we will accompany them when they seek to confirm their family members’ safety, and provide any necessary support, such as arranging for food and drink, accommodation, etc., as far as possible.
(3) Ongoing response
[1] Consultation desk for victims
Depending on the scale of the accident and other factors, a consultation desk will be set up for accident victims and their families to provide them with ongoing support.
[2] Support for victims, etc.
We will provide the necessary support for victims and their families, while respecting their wishes. In particular, for support that would be best provided by experts, such as mental health care, we will work with government organizations and public and private medical institutions to provide such support.
4. Basic Frameworks for Support of Victims, etc.
(1) Establishment of frameworks
[1] Framework immediately after accident
Immediately after an accident, an accident response headquarters will be established and priority will be given to responding to victims of the accident.
A support framework will be established to assist accident victims and their families at the location of the accident and to respond to their inquiries.
A framework for investigating the causes of the accident will also be established.
[2] Ongoing Consultation Framework
In addition to setting up a support desk to help accident victims and their families to return to normal life as soon as possible, we will also provide them with ongoing necessary assistance.
For mental health care, etc., we will consult with government organizations and public and private medical institutions to provide ongoing assistance.
(2) Education and training, etc.
So we can provide appropriate assistance to accident victims, we will conduct the following education and training in a systematic manner.
・ Taking lessons from past accidents and accidents at other companies in the same industry, we will conduct education and training that will assist with the improvement of safety awareness, accident response, and victim support.
・ With the aim of improving the ability to provide first aid to passengers, we will also hold first‐aid courses.
・ We will raise awareness of the importance of being supportive of accident victims and their families and conduct education for the provision of appropriate assistance.